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Have you ever had all your digital photos with the wrong time. Often the result of a flat camera battery, or changing time zones without readjusting the camera.

The time a photo was taken is the most valuable piece of information for most digital photo enthusiasts. It is kept as a permanent record within the photo’s data itself (Metadata / Exif) and is not subject to unwanted change as is the computer file’s time.

Photime was conceived to operate in typical situations where some hundreds of photos have bad date / times needing correction, for ALL the photos simultaneously, with just a few simple steps.

Do you have photos where the metadata has been lost, want to add Copyright or descriptions, care to export the metadata to a spread sheet. Photime makes it easy, and for blocks of photos simultaneously.


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What is better than encrypting the sensitive files on your system ?

Not having them on your system at all !

Embedded within another file they do not exist. JDHEmbed makes this process extremely simple.

JDHEmbed received a 4 out of 5 points rating from PC-Welt magazine.



These products are only for use with PC's using a Microsoft Windows operating system.

This web site is like our products, devoid of "razzamatazz", just focussed on functionality and ease of use.


Issue date: December 2007

Photime  |  JDHEmbed  |  Other Software  |  Contact  |  About Us